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All you need to know about Biohacking

All you need to know about Biohacking

The term Biohacking is essentially as simple as it sounds... to “hack” biology. However, there’s a catch, this kind of biology generally relates to one’s own body. The definition of biohacking highly depends on who you ask as there are a multitude of quests, but it is largely ‘the attempt to alter and control your body and brain to subsequently optimise your performance’.

There are now various ways in which you can pursue biohacking, whether it be as simple as tracking your sleep or introducing a new food or product in to your diet but it can also be as crazy as implanting a micro-chip into your hand or injecting yourself with gene-editing technology! I think it’s safe to say we relate to the former.

This modern explosion of biohacking is thought to have really taken off in Silicon Valley, initially just as a biological slant on the tech-hacking concept, as to find shortcuts to... well... yourself. But it has since snowballed from small personal experiments to everyday lifestyle products and even on to the infamous TED stages.

You could argue that biohacking has been around for many millennia with techniques such as intermittent fasting and meditation. However the recent boom in this social movement and incredible technological advancements has led to some truly mind boggling cases of biohacking. For example a ‘young blood transfusion’ is whereby a younger person’s blood is pumped into your veins, with the aim to fight ageing. Another unbelievable biohack was completed by Josiah Zayner, whereby he aimed to totally replace the entire bacterial population in his body with another humans, saliva, skin and faecal samples...

We don’t want to gross you out or anything but it just goes to show just how broad biohacking can be. We fully support the enablement of enhancing certain aspects of your life because there is some value in having a sense of a control over your own physiology. However we’re not quite on the ‘injecting’ spectrum just yet...

Our Biohacker set of extracts provides you with natural products that are set to control and enhance a variety of areas in your life from cognitive abilities and sleep with Lion’s Mane, to stress and anxiety with Reishi and even gut heath and immunity with Turkey Tail.

If you’ve been following our journey you will be well aware that we’re big fans of (biohacker) legend, Dave Asprey. He is often referred to as the Godfather of biohacking and rightly so. He has been documenting and showcasing all of his biohacking pursuits and makes the biohacks available to the public through his Bulletproof website and claims that he will live to the ripe old age of... 180! He highly recommends our Lion’s Mane extract if you’re looking to ‘hack’ your sleep.

So if you’re not quite ready to make your body a complete science experiment just yet, try out our liquid mushroom extracts and dip your toes into the deep ocean of biohacking.



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