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It's time to help the BEES!

For our Children and Collective Immunity.

Welcome to our Beemunity® Community!

After observing the continual decimation of the Bee industry, driven by a range of issues, we decided to turn our science team to help fix the problems of our beloved pollinators. After many years of research across many countries and countless attempts, we have developed a science based solution for improving immunity in Bees and the many ecosystems that they support. Our initial test results indicate an 8.22% increase in bee lifespan. Further testing needs to be done over a longer period of time. Scroll down to find out how you can support us on this mission.

Our finely tuned and trademarked "Beemunity®" product has been designed to assist Bee health by focusing on increasing their immune systems at the hive level. This is done by carefully extracting the very best parts of a range of Mushrooms in our Byron Bay Labs. We then mix our rich Mushroom extracts with native Australian bush foods from the Northern Territory and together this mix creates an extremely powerful immune boosting tincture that serves as a food base the Bees can feast on in their hives. The results of this tincture show significant improvements in their hives and honey producing capabilities. Bees have been using Mushrooms and bush foods for immunity since time immemorial. By applying this as a concentrated food for them, you are allowing the Bees to do their healing locally and live in harmony with nature and balance their hives as disease threatens them. A proactive positive pathway to help heal any Bees that may need it.

Chief Scientist Thomas Loussier using Beemunity® Tincture

The Beemunity® solution is scalable and affordable and requires many hands to make it work effectively. Essentially, we all have an obligation to help save the Bees. Without them, our world becomes more reliant on robots and corporations generating sub-standard foods because profit is their primary driver. Feed the Bees what they need and believe in the future. Focus your Community on Pollination and Bee the change we need in this world! Thank you for connecting to our happy healing hives movement.

Overarching Truth: You Are What You Eat. It's time to get real about Bees and what they do for us.

Bees are the miracle workers in the food chain. More respect is needed for them from us all.

Beemunity® helps to provide a food base for assisting our ongoing immunity.

By purchasing our Life Cykel Mushroom Honey you are supporting our Beemunity® project, enabling us to further verify the positive effects on the Bees' Immunity and life quality as the unheralded link in the food chain.

Life Cykel Mushroom Honey has been made by bees that were fed our Beemunity® tincture. After extracting their golden honey it is infused with our Byron Bay grown Reishi Mushroom that provides many traditional benefits as an additional extract for a smooth and enchanting honey that is healthier.

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Grow food for our Bees with this Home Grown Pollination Kit!

100% of profits go to the Beemunity® Research to find a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder which is impacting bees globally.

This kit has been put together at the Byron Bay Herb Nursery. The Byron Bay Herb Nursery and Life Cykel have teamed up to promote, educate and improve the health of bees.

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