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Nirvana Pack - Lion's mane, Shiitake and Turkey Tail

Pure Peace 

Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Shiitake will help you thrive.

Original Price Rs. 12,834.00
Current Price Rs. 10,500.00
Original Price Rs. 12,834.00
Current Price Rs. 10,500.00

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Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Shiitake will guide you on your journey to true and pure peace and happiness and help you to reach your desired goal. 

Our Double Liquid Extracts are alcohol-free and engineered using a unique double extraction process, they are full spectrum which means that we use both the mushroom fruiting bodies and the mycelium in our extraction process to create a well-rounded, high quality product.

When do I take each extract for optimal results?

 AM Routine: Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail
 PM Routine: Shiitake

INGREDIENTS: Lion’s Mane (Hericium coralloïdes) Extract, Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Extract, Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Extract, Coco-glycerin, Purified water.

Directions: Add your double liquid extracts directly to your coffee, smoothie, tea or water.

Serving Size: 2 ml - 1/2 a dropper full is approximately 1ml, you can use this as a guide for the recommended serving size.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

Add a tree to your order for just $3 here. Life Cykel Initiated the Grow & Gift a Tree Program in September 2020 allowing customers to add a tree to their order. The trees will be gifted to local communities and organisations that will benefit from them. 

We are able to commence this project thanks to our long standing relationship with Byron Bay Herb Nursery, a non for profit charity that offers employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability. The money given by our customers goes straight to the Byron Bay Herb Nursery to help facilitate growing the trees.

Product FAQ

Yes, our liquid extracts are vegetarian and vegan, containing no animal-based ingredients.

Until we can get precise laboratory results on beta-glucans content, we have decided to not promote them on our extracts.

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Life Cykel has sustainability initiatives in place to help reduce our impact on the planet.

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